SKIN CARE | Soothing Oatmeal Facial Cleanser

Happy Monday NKB family, Are you one of those people who seem to have made a blood pact with acne, the two of you are just inseparable no matter what you do or what prescription medication you’ve tried. Well, trust me you are not alone. I suffered from acne all through my high school years…

NATURAL QUEEN: 4 Tips for Dreadlock Care

Good afternoon my lovelies, It’s beautiful Wednesday here in Grahamstown I spent the day in a dress and sunnies. Its Wednesday and if you are new to the page, ill explain what special about Wednesday. Wednesday is the day we discuss natural hair (hair care, products and styles) on the blog. To begin with I…

Eat Yourself Skinny| The Ultimate Panzanella

 Ciao! NKB Family, I get bored of eating the same kind’of meals on a daily basis so I google, download food apps and try out online recipes just to make sure I eat something special everyday. Its my way of keeping myself on track as far as healthy eating goals.

Pick Your Pout: Lip Colours To Try This Season 

    Hello hello NKB family, I hopes you are all having an amazing day and you’ve started the day on a good note. I am currently watching Being Mary Jane and oh my, so much drama🙈🙈🙈🙈 .

FEATURE FRIDAY| Stylin’ and Striving  Noluthando Dhlamini 

It’s Feature Friday NKB family, today’s fashionista is a girl after my own heart!!  Lover of tea, all things fashion and beauty and to top it off she is a devout Christian. Her style is nonplus and amazing, so let me introduce you to the beautiful Miss Noluthado Dhlamini  Tell us a little about yourself …

HAIR CARE| Secrets To A Simple 4C Natural Hair Routine 

  Hey NKB family, I love my natural hair and every time someone complements my hair line, look, colour (yes, my hair is colour treated) I blush and get so so warm inside!!! I’m so proud of the decision I made (kudos to my boyfriend for pushing me to do the big chop).

STYLE| African Pride Movement

You are the finest ahhhhh. Na you be the finest being I’ve seen You are the brightest ahhhhh. The way you dey shine you de bling like me. You are the highest ahhhhh. When it comes to rating you are the lead.