NATURAL QUEEN: 4 Tips for Dreadlock Care

RIP Chiwoniso Maraire
RIP Chiwoniso Maraire

Good afternoon my lovelies,

It’s beautiful Wednesday here in Grahamstown I spent the day in a dress and sunnies. Its Wednesday and if you are new to the page, ill explain what special about Wednesday. Wednesday is the day we discuss natural hair (hair care, products and styles) on the blog.

To begin with I would like to start by saying, I think hair isn’t just hair. I think  hair is inextricably linked to career choices, self esteem and self expression.

I know not every woman feels this way about hair and that’s alright, this isn’t a fact its an opinion (food for thought).  if you disagree/agree, comment below 🙂

Okkkkkay, im done with my random rant, as part of our hair care series I will be including tips and tricks on how to take care of your locks, what you can use and how to keep yourself on point!

Some people believe that dreadies are a low maintenance, get up and go kind of look but they aren’t. They still require care and protection. I have thought of getting dreadlocks myself but I was told my hair is too thin so bleh!!! I am over it now lol.

This post has been highly requested by my readers with dreadlocks and I am so grateful for their support and I am glad to help. Today’s series will be on general lock care.

dreadlock hair care 002

Protect Your Hair at Night

Although you no longer have to worry about split ends, sleeping with your hair unprotected causes lint to pillow fibers to stick to your hair. In addition to that cotton pillow cases have a tendency to suck moisture out of your hair. try wrapping your locks in a silk scarf or use a silk pillow case

Don’t Strangle Your Roots to Death

Really love neat looking dreadlocks? Well, you can still maintain a neat look, but every once in a while give your roots a break. When you constantly twist your roots as tight as you can you are putting extreme tension on your locs and your edges are especially sensitive and prone to this so just be careful, you don’t want your hairline to lean back.

Locs Like Moisture Too

You still should give your hair the moisture it craves, but be careful in the products that you choose to avoid buildup. When the seasons change, things can get particularly dry so keeping your hair moist is not a bad idea.Heavy waxes and creams are hard to get out of locs, so opting for light natural oils (coconut, olive or jojoba oil) and jellies is probably the best way to go.

Keep it Clean

Some people believe not washing your locks makes them grow, i suggest you cut those individuals out of your life. they are dirty, dirty human beings!!!!!

When you are first starting locs, water actually helps to loc your hair up faster. It aids in kinking up your hair for hold, and most importantly it keeps it CLEAN.

Once you are fully locked continue to wash your hair on a regular basis. Cleansing is a part of any healthy hair care routine.I will share a dread lock routine soon.

Remember what you need for your dreadlock starter kit

  • Natural oil (coconut oil)
  • soft brush for your edges and and edge protection cream, lotion, oil
  • shampoo (check out natural hair products here)
  • Conditioner
  • Spray bottle with water and oil to spray into hair before styling and  brushing

I hope you all enjoyed this post. I don’s have dread locks so if you have dreadlocks we would like to hear and learn more directly from you. Leave us a comment in the comment section.

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