HAIR CARE| Secrets To A Simple 4C Natural Hair Routine 

  Hey NKB family,

I love my natural hair and every time someone complements my hair line, look, colour (yes, my hair is colour treated) I blush and get so so warm inside!!! I’m so proud of the decision I made (kudos to my boyfriend for pushing me to do the big chop).

One thing I can tell you is natural hair isn’t all that easy to take care of. Whenever people think about going natural they think it’s going to be so easy and simple but nah boo, natural hair is work.

I actually think my relaxed hair was much easier to take care of at least it kept moisture and when I had a weave on I could get away with not brushing my hair at all *hides*!!!  I used to believe natural hair didn’t grow and I could never have hair that reaches my shoulders but now that I know more about my hair I am confident it will grow😊


I am sharing what I do so far to keep my hair moisturized, soft and also to keep from breaking since its colour treated coz your’ll know edges are important!!!! I can’t be going around with a hairline that starts halfway across my head 😂😂 ( I hope you cam use my routine as a guide to build your own)

Wash Day 

Shampoo and Condition

  • I start by rinsing out my hair with Luke warm water because  colour treated hair breaks when you use too much heat.
  • I apply my Conditioner and massage it into my hair then I comb through. (Hair experiences less damage when it is covered by conditioner)
  • Then I do the LOC method and style 😊


  • I spritz my hair with water that is mixed with olive oil to add more moisture to my hair (saturating my hair with the olive oil water helps to fully re-moisturize the hair)
  • I also apply my hair oils from dark and lonely to my hairline (I will share the products soo)
  • I then apply olive oil and a cream moisturizer and style.


  • twice a month I shampoo my hair with shampoo, this is because I believe co-washing (using conditioner to wash you hair) doesn’t cleanse your scalp to get rid of all the sweat that builds up when you exercise or the dust that clings to your hair on those windy days

I hope my natural hair routine was helpful or inspiring, If you are thinking of doing the big chop, go the nikey way and “just do it”.

You will not regret it. (if you are interested in knowing what products I use for my hair you can check out my post on the LOC Method)

I will share more about my hair in the coming weeks and I will let you all know of any changes that I may have done and why.

Share your routine with us in the comment section, share any tips you might have too, I am a newbie natural and I still have a lot to learn.

XOXO Miriam


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