The L.O.C. Method: The Routine Every Afro Queen Should Know

Keeping your Afro MOISTURIZED
The LOC Method for natural hair

Happy Humpday NKB Family

My natural hair journey has just been mind-boggling. I’ve learnt a lot about myself and how to care for my 4C hair. If you are still unsure about what your hair type is, don’t stress! Here is all you need to know about hair typing, Hair Typing 101. As you all know I recently went natural, my teeny weeny afro is growing and I have had to learn about how style my TWA and how to keep my TWA healthy.

When you first embark on the Natural Hair Journey, it is so easy to get sucked into the hair product hype,you’ll feel the need to buy everything.  Trust me I’ve had to reprimand myself a couple of times when I find myself randomly picking up a new conditioner or hair moisturizer because I read about it.

The number one thing I believe newly naturals should know about is the LOC Method.The LOC Method for natural hair

LOC is an abbreviation for leave in conditioner, oil and cream.

It is the ultimate solution for all the afro bellas with locks that are constantly crying out for moisture. I have 4C hair that dries up quickly and in order to avoid breakage I use this method every time I style my hair.

The Liquid Oil Cream Method or L.O.C method is a technique for moisturizing hair. It consist of hydrating the hair with water or a water-based leave in conditioner which is your LIQUID, sealing in the moisture with OIL and then applying a CREAM product to close the hair cuticle which prevents moisture loss

What makes the LOC method great is the use of oil and butter to lock in the moisture from your leave in conditioner. Both oil and butter are praised for their ability to create a layer along the hair shaft that helps to prevent water from being evaporated from it and lost to the atmosphere thus helping the hair to stay moisturized for longer



Apply a moisturizing, water-based, leave-in conditioner to cleansed hair.

LOC METHOD I am cureently mixing together TRESemme Naturals conditioner with the Glyco-Lemon and using the micture as my leave in. My hair feels soft and it smells nice.


Next, apply a thin layer of oil to your hair to help lock in the moisture.



The final step is to apply a butter-based, creamy moisturizer to your hair to seal that moisture in. The cream can also provide your curls with definition and hold, so pick a styling cream that works for your hairstyle.


I use the Black Chic hair food with coconut oil to moisturizer my scalp. And the gel to style my TWA

I will share how I do that with you all soon

Have you tried the LOC Method? 

If you have please share what products you use, I would love to try out new products and review them for you all 😊


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